Our Solutions

Throughout the last thirty five plus years, our staff has had the opportunity to work with Property Managers in helping them solve hundreds of difficult issues.A great many of them involving pre-existingor hidden conditions involving the parking, walkway and access areas on properties they were managing. Each problem has its own set of issues that are not always so easy to detect or see. We have created a gallery of pictures that depict various issues and conditions, some are very easy to resolve while others are a little more costly. Others however are tell tale signs that another issue is emerging, that unless addressed professionally, will lead to extremely costly repairs in the foreseeable future.

With just a phone call you can have peace of mind as our staff can help you identify what you are facing and offer solutions that are guaranteed by professionals who have been working in the greater Los Angeles area for over 40 years. If you would like to learn more we also offer 4 and eight hour seminars. These seminars are designed to train your staff to be able to identify issues themselves and not be intimidated or misled by unscrupulous repair people.

CA ADA Compliance

Every week our staff report of violations that they have seen when visiting a new job site to make repairs. It is obvious that the owner or property management for that site have not fully understood what the requirements of the law are. These fines can be hefty but if a law suit is filed then the headaches can really escalate and cause major problems for those involved. If you believe your property may have these issues then a simple call to us can help begin to solve these problems.

Please contact our office for the dates of our next CA ADA planned seminar